Stay Compliant. Stay Safe.


Wed, Feb 24, 21

The new FIA homologation 8856-2018 comes into force for elite racing categories this year, with other FIA-sanctioned events following suit in 2022.

So what exactly does this mean for you?
These regulations have been introduced to ensure the highest possible degree of driver safety, and means that all race suits, boots, gloves and underwear have to meet stricter standards, and will be submitted for harsher testing.

If you compete in the higher echelons of FIA motorsport such as FormulaE, WRC, F1, WEC etc then you will be wearing the latest homologation when you kickstartyour 2021 season, and many others will follow suit with the new rules coming into force in 2022.

Will your new racewear feel any different?
The answer to that one is yes! With tougher regulations on fire resistance, products across the industry will be getting thicker and heavier. The real task here will be to keep products as light and breathable as possible with the increased performance requirement.

HRX has hit the ground running with the new ICON suit, which will replace our internationally renowned ZERO, which is not only safer and more comfortable than the old model, it has also been created without any increased weight!

What about availability?
After the end of this year no racewear manufacturer will be able to produce items to any of the old homologations. All old homologations will no longer comply in FIA events from 2028. In addition, the FIAare now introducing maximum 10 year lifespans to all racewear products.

These rules may not apply to national level events. Please consult your Blue Book for clarification.

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